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If you're unsure about these options, just leave them at their default values.

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  • Type in the jobs you want displayed and click the 'Refresh' button in stage 6. The preview widget will update to match your search. You'll need to experiment with this to get the right spread of jobs for your site.

    The keywords in the search string are "must haves". So Sales Manager will match the phrase "Sales Manager" exactly.

    You can also use - to specify that the search results "must not have" a word in them. For example if you wanted to display Chef jobs, but not Sous Chef jobs, you could set your search string to be Chef –sous.

  • 2

  • Choose the appropriate sector for the type of jobs you entered in the search string. If you don't think there is a suitable category then just leave it blank.

  • 3

  • Choose a location of the jobs you wish to show in the widget. If you don't want a specific location then just leave it blank.

  • 4

  • The more jobs you show, the more choice you offer, but the larger your widget will be.

  • 5

  • Widget background colour:  
    Widget width:
    Widget border size:
    Widget border colour:  
    Widget font:
    Widget font colour:  
    Widget font size:
    Link colour:  
    Link style: underlined not underlined
    Title font size:
    Title Font:
    Title font colour:  
    Title background colour:  
    Display search box: yes no
    Location font colour:  
  • Customise the look of your widget. If you don't want to change anything then leave them in their default values.

Please choose a color:
  • 6

  • Click 'Refresh' to see your updated widget code below and widget preview

  1. advanced | tipsPut a '+' before a keyword if you want that keyword to definitely appear in the results or a '-' for keywords you don't want to appear. For example, +sales -assistant. Alternatively, if you want results to match an exact keyword then put it in quotes, e.g. "sales manager".